Hi, I'm Gregg

As an alumnus with a long history in the community, I have been a beneficiary of the district's training.  I have seen and experienced good and not so good within the district.  I want to give back to the community that I was raised in by putting children first through a parent-led partnership with strong fiscal management that serves children's needs and taxpayer value.  Please join me in the journey. 

In the past few years:

We are at a time where we can leverage the great things of the district and reverse the substandard items

We need someone who:

Please join in this worthy cause and help Elmbrook be the best it can be.

My Deep Roots in the Community

I began living in Brookfield in 1976 and have been able to contribute to and witness its transformation over the decades.  I've witnessed the class sizes shrink from roughly 600 in the late '70's to nearly 200 in 1990.   I remember when Fairview North was made into an office building and Woodside into a restaurant (Pinnacle Peak).  I played youth basketball at Linfield Elementary.  I remember when there was talk in the late '80s about either closing one of the high schools or making East into a freshman/sophomore school and Central into a junior/senior school.  I remember the original Brookfield Elementary and Dixon schools prior to demolition and rebuild.  The district has been through a lot of changes through the years, schools have been opened, closed, demolished, and sold.  Having a person on the board who has a deep perspective will lend a steady hand for the future of the community.

After attending a parochial elementary school, I transferred to Elmbrook Middle School (which had been and is now again, Pilgrim Park) and then graduated from Brookfield East in 1990.  I received my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Marquette University and I later went back to Marquette to obtain my MBA.  My involvement in the community continued as I coached baseball at Brookfield Central in 1991 and 1992 and coached (‘94-’95) and refereed for Elmbrook Youth Basketball from 1994 to 2001.  During the 1990’s, I also played for both of the Brookfield Land 'O Lakes baseball teams.  Now, as a father, I am helping coach within the Elmbrook United soccer program.  I moved to Pewaukee in the early 2000's and then after getting married, my wife and I chose Brookfield as the place to raise our three children.

Professional Experience

My professional experience spans multiple functions, industries, and sizes of organizations.  I began working as a Process Engineer where I implemented Lean Manufacturing techniques to improve efficiencies.  I moved on to become a Project Engineer in developing new products.  After receiving my MBA, I moved into Program and Product Management.  I have developed strategies for revenue growth and have been responsible for P&L’s over $50 million.  I have led teams across multiple functions, facilities, and continents.  I’ve worked for organizations of $20 Million to $120 Billion (Elmbrook is about $100 million).  I have recruited for multiple positions, volunteered in career ministry, and know what employers are looking for in employees, which will help in high school curriculum planning.  My financial experience will help in driving the best value for the district and the community.  I have young children and a teenager; I know the importance of early childhood education and the priority of safety for our children.

Children 1st

Partnering in Education

Fiscal Responsibility


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